OMANIAE employment services, includes skill-building workshops which practically gives a clear idea and know how, for Omaniae members to use to trade. We create different types of workshop to economically empower the less privilege in our community.

Duration of the training programs varies from time to time, location and number of participants. Maximum duration of the training program last three months while minimum takes six (6) weeks.

OMANIAE embraces all, irrespective of where you are coming from, nationality, gender, colour or creed. We are established to support and sustain the waxed hearted person in life.

Beneficiaries: Irregular and undocumented migrants, School dropouts, internally displaced migrants, migrants stacked on the desert struggling to find way to Europe.



NOTE: Enrollment  in the training program can only be made at the office of OMANIAE.

WHAT IS O.N.P: OMANIAE Network Platform (O.N.P) is a bi-directional program aimed to bring together undocumented migrants and the youths in Africa to acquire practical skills (vocational training) to improve their living both socially and economically. A platform set up as a foot stool to create awareness about irregular migration.

EUROPE MEMBERS This program is not designed to give work, stay permit or document, but to empower migrants when decided to voluntarily return.

Training program: Members have the option of six (6) training courses of which both run on different days and time. Each member is entitled to one program. Contact the office for more information.


EUROPE: To empower undocumented migrants to acquire practical skill training which they can use to enhance their social economic situation when voluntarily return to their country of origin.

AFRICA: This Platform brings together African youths from diverse humanitarian background to freely acquire practical skill training upon which successful trainees will be financially subsidize to start their own small scale enterprise. This initiative is set up to demotivate potential youths from irregular migration.


  • OMANIAE is self-funded through member registration fee of twenty cedis(20).

Why Membership fee?

  • Supports OMANIAE to pay for printing, Posters and telephone used to call members.
  • Members get free electronic Membership identity card.
  • OMANIAE field workers and volunteers to create awareness etc.
  • Members get free skill training program.


  • Trainees who complete the training program successfully will be financially subsidize to set up their own small scale enterprise.
  • Free information regarding life in abroad, living condition and the life of undocumented migrant.
  • Free lunch during training program.

OBLIGATORY: Each member is entitled to attend activities and general meetings. Failure to attend results in Non-renewal of your membership Identity Card.

Free will contribution support us in buying training materials, volunteers transport and office materials etc. There is no fixed amount and this is not compulsory.

Membership card: This card is solely a member ID of this organization which does not substitute to any National document. Is a card to identify you as a member under The OMANIAE Network Platform.

     Our office location in Ghana,

Gicel Estates SCC, near West Hill Mall-Accra Ghana

  OMANIAE Ghana: +233 558 530 806

OMANIAE Belgium: +32 466 310 539


Working Hours

Days: Monday – Friday

Time: 09:00am – 5:00pm

OMANIAE Senegal and Cameroon will be updated soon!