Richard Osei Bonsu,


(OMANIAE organization)

 Richard is the founder and President of OMANIAE Global Network Organization. As an Architect, He has participated in several research and projects. He is responsible for providing leadership, direction and the coordinating of major activities in accordance with the goals and objectives of the Organization.

His role is to direct strategy and create sustainability in order to grow the activities of the Organization to meet its aims and objectives. He is also responsible for program development, key partnerships, Government and public relations and the overall day to day management of OMANIAE Network Platforms. His research interests include organizational capacities of regional infrastructures and migrant’s empowerment, socio-economic, Humanity as well as environmental dynamics of internal displaced undocumented migrants.

 His view of leadership:

The acts of trading deportation with our empowering program urges me to teach undocumented migrants to think intensively, critically, Intelligence plus character. That’s my goal. From the very first day that the thought of OMANIAE came to mind, I have met the worthy and unique people of sound values who strive to achieve OMANIAE’S goals with creativity, determination, devotion and courage.

It is for good reason that OMANIAE is considered one of the fastest growing influential networks within the African communities example Belgium, and I am proud to hold it.

OMANIAE shall continue to stand firm and steadfast, to protect the rights of undocumented migrants with devotion and dedication, thereby reinforcing its strength and resilience. This website gives you a brief glimpse of OMANIAE commitment of saving the integrity of African Nationals.


Franc Rottiers

International Coordinator/Project Manager

Franc Rottiers has worked on an EU project researching the profane contributions of the undocumented to society. With this experience he worked in a social center with both the undocumented and refugees.

During that time he has reached out to diaspora communities and developed a specific tailor made approach for migrants who have lost their way. He did extensive consulting to various organizations such as OMANIAE.
Currently working as an international coordinator and project manager for OMANIAE. Presently working on a project to assist immigrants to trace their lost families back in Africa.


Tweneboah Koduah Nkrumah









Hind Eljadid

Financial  Secretary