Join us in protecting the lives of the less privilege.

Together we can work to prevent the torture meted on irregular migrants by protecting the youth and single mothers who flee their country for one or more reason: insecurity, war, economic, social, political and ethnic dispensation forcing the youths to leave their country to seek for a brighter future.

 Your donation will help save lives and reform the helpless who out of ignorance travel through the desert and sea to seek greener pastures.

 Smugglers charge thousands of dollars per head to smuggle migrant to Europe, aboard over crowded, barely sea worthy fishing boats providing no life jacket or other safety measures.

Many perish on the way through drowning, rape, dehydration, starvation, intense heat, torture, sickness and other causes unknown to me and you. Every day, 70%  of irregular migrants are forced to leave their country of origin due to economic hardship, while  30% are victims of social ethnic conflicts and political reasons.

We are assisting the less privilege to break free from the cycle of poverty, regardless of their background, ethnicity, political beliefs, gender or religion.

  A few Euro’s goes a long way-

€ 1 could save a soul through our campaign to prevent people from irregular migration.

€ 2 could bring about 12 people together on our campaign against the desert and sea migration in Africa.

€ 5 A gift of your choice. Surprise us.

€ 10 could change the life of about 12 people, the less privilege in the society thinking of migrating.

€ 20 can help fund vital support for irregular migrants seeking safety in Belgium

€ 50 could help relieve and change the mind of 8 migrants stacked on the desert to return back home.

€ 100 could provide support for 6 volunteers/field worker for our campaign.

€ 150 could support migrant to prepare adequately when decided to voluntary return back home.

€ 200 could provide training for 8 people to learn skills/trade in Ghana, Guinea, Cameroon and Senegal.

Without your support, our course is meaningless.



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OMANIAE VZW is an official registered Non Governmental Organization