The Akwaaba Program

Undocumented migrants living abroad faces various decree of inhuman treatment when caught up by the law as Illegal immigrants. Thousands of migrants are being kept in various detention centers (prison name branded for illegal immigrants) across Europe between three (3) months to one (1) year.The majority of these African youth passes through Mentally, physiological and emotional trauma before being forced to return to their country of origin.

The inhumane treatment given to these youths from the ages 19- 42 years prevent them from contacting their friends and families back home. Migrants who falls into such trap have no human right not to talk about freedom of exercising your right.

In the cause of this destitute situation which force migrants to forcibly return to their country expose them to become depressed, confused, shame and full of anxiety which results mental instability in some cases whiles many to their untimely death through suicide.

The OMANIAE Akwaaba Project has been set up to give a new life meaning for  deportees where these youths will comfortably benefit a temporal shelter, food and other personal care in the process of linking them to their prospective families or friends.