Protecting the right and welfare of undocumented migrants is OMANIAE core value. We aim to reduce the level of   death fatalities through irregular migration that is by campaigning throughout Africa with sensitive information about the risk involve migrating through the desert and sea to Europe of which many migrants are naive of.

To extend our strategical one on one campaign at these various transit camps (Gao in Mali, Agadez and Dirkou all     in Niger, and Tamanrasset in Algeria. Many migrants who find themselves in these camps are willing to return       back, but due to lack of finance (Transport) they had no option, than to try by dying to migrate through the desert     or sea.

Good measures and mechanisms have been put in place to support our cause irrespective of where they originate through our campaign platforms and the creating of membership through the method of: ‘the satisfied needs no food – feed the hungry’.